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Troubleshoot, diagnose, analyse, document and solve technical issues.
Software planning, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment and maintenance.
ML data preparation, model training and evaluation.


Linux, MacOS X, Windows, Solaris. Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes. AD/LDAP directory. Java EE. Oracle, SQL Server.
HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML, SQL. SSL/TLS, OAuth, JWT, Kerberos, ACLs, capabilities, certificates and digests.
Java, C/C++, Swift, Rust, R, JS, Bash, Python, misc. scripting and programming languages. JIRA, Perforce SCM, Git.
Jupyter Notebook, Google Colaboratory, data preparation, machine learning, model design and evaluation.


Native French. Fluent in English. Can understand some Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Basic German knowledge.


Boomi Software Principal Engineer, Advanced Support Engineering 2020 to date

Interface with the developers to investigate customer issues in depth. Tally up the information about the issue to file a bug report.

Reproduce complex use cases. Analyse logs, network traces, thread dumps, heap dumps, metadata and B2B artifacts.

Debug code and test changes.

Set up Docker and Kubernetes environment to run Boomi software.

Dell Boomi Senior Advisor, Enterprise Technical Support 2018-2020

Support enterprise customers through e-mail and live chat for the Boomi Cloud products.

Learn the features in short order to assist with questions and issues. Handle Cloud-specific problematics.

Focus on additional topics such as Master Data Hub, API Management, certificate handling, document flow and more.

Informatica Senior Tech Support Engineer 2014-2017

Provide enterprise-level technical support for a master data management JEE-based application. Maintain industry-leading customer satisfaction levels. Write and edit knowledge base articles in line with personal business objectives.

Stay up to date with product features. Handle the relationship with customers as the application develops at a high pace and some features take time to stabilise.

Perform Java code analysis on the product itself and on customer extensions. Report or identify product issues and enhancement requests. Work with other teams for exchange of expertise, custom configuration or escalations.

Perforce UK Tech Support Engineer 2011-2014

Support customers at different technical levels on the phone and by e-mail. Be an integral member of a strong team looking to make a difference. Aim for the best tech support experience in the industry.

Identify cases that need special attention and escalate them internally. Follow-the-sun and specialisation handovers. Implement new policies at a personal level and transition to new tools as required.

Share expert knowledge with my colleagues. Write, edit internal and external Knowledge Base articles. Retrieve information from various systems to find timely answer to questions.

Act as a technical support advocate in front of other groups in the company. Discuss issues related to bugs, features and documentation with the developers.

Maintain and add features to a C++ support tool that plugs into the internal APIs of the Perforce server.

Apple UK Tech Support Engineer 2001-2011

Provide 3rd tier support for MacOS X Server (FreeBSD userland) and WebObjects (Java application server) in direct contact with the customer. Drive customer satisfaction. Integrate in a team dealing with enterprise level requests. Handle support request coming from all over the world. Realign customer expectations on first contact. Work on several cases in parallel while interacting with customers via e-mail and phone.

Collaborate, delegate and escalate as needed. Tap into support databases and personal expertise to identify and address the issue. Investigate in detail symptoms and data until the case comes to a conclusion. Document the case for future reference and for reporting.

Write documentation in the form of Knowledge Base articles. Work with the Engineering department through bug reports, updates and informal discussions. Identify and single out issues that require special attention.

NTL France Software Developer 2000

Develop an application to interface mobile Windows CE terminals with corporate Oracle database. It initializes the terminals with data from the database and integrates the questionnaires stored on the terminals through a LAN. (2.5 m)

Xerox Research Centre Europe (Meylan) Software Developer Internship 2000

Final project for Ensimag cursus. Program a Java automatic wrapper generator for web pages, based on a prototype in Python. Work in team with another Ensimag student.

Project continued its development as part of a commercial product. (6 m)


Ensimag France

  • 1998 to 2000

Graduate Computer Science Engineer (MEng equiv.) at Ensimag, an institution internationally known for its excellence.
Programming theory and implementation, parallelism, logic, systems, business.

Internship at Micromedia International: write ASN1 handling code for the Alert Java applet.

Roma3 University (Italy)

  • 1998

Studies abroad with European programme Socrates. Computer science, Web semantics, 3D programming: OpenGL, FL (see http://www.plasm.net) (6 months)

Orsay University (France)

  • 1994 to 1998

MaƮtrise in Computer Science (grade A / 4y BSc equiv.): Algorithmic, language theory, logic, signals, IC design. OCaml, Java.
DEUG degree in Physics: Quantum mechanics, relativity, optics, chemistry, mathematics, fluid mechanics. Field experience: Design.

Orsay University is the best ranked university for Science in France.


Cycling, sailing, hiking, ancient history, comics, design, programming